T-Mobile CEO Chuckles At AT&T's "Best Deal" For Families Ad, One Ups Competition With 10GB LTE Plan

You have to admire T-Mobile's candid passion in the wireless space. It comes straight from the top, as T-Mobile CEO John Legere is one of the more outspoken bigwigs in the industry, a fact that's evidenced in the company's latest announcement. Rather than simply roll out a new wireless plan, Legere took time to literally laugh at the competition first.

Legere describes pulling up alongside a bus covered with "yet another" of AT&T's ads promising "Best-Ever Pricing" for families. According to Legere, AT&T's deal is "no deal at all" and a "joke" compared to T-Mobile's Simple Choice Family Plan.

"When I pulled up to that ad, I also knew we were about to blow AT&T’s 'Best-Ever' completely out of the water. Because starting July 30 through September, a family of four can get up to 10GB of LTE data – 2.5 GB each – until 2016 on America’s fastest nationwide LTE network with all the Un-carrier benefits for just $100 a month on T-Mobile," Legere announced today.

T-Mobile Price Compare
Source: T-Mobile

If you're feeling spunky, that's how you make an announcement -- poke fun at the competition (while keeping it clean) and then tout your own service. He goes on to compare the two services. AT&T's "Best-Ever Pricing" for four lines runs $160 per month and comes with a "boatload of crap," which are things like domestic overages, international roaming fees, hidden device subsidy costs, and so for, Legere says.

T-Mobile's upcoming plan saves $60 right off the bat and includes unlimited talk, text, and non-LTE data, plus up to 10GB of LTE data. It also includes unlimited streaming from all the online music services. Not too bad, as long as T-Mobile's coverage is solid in your area.