Tiny New Flash Drive Is Also Tough

What might be the tiniest flash drive yet comes in emerald green or royal purple.

Verbatim announced two new USB drives in the new "Tuff 'n' Tiny" family: an inch long, half an inch wide and as thick as a penny.

The drives have support for Windows, Mac and Linux. The 8GB drive - that's the purple one - can store nearly eight hours of MPEG-1 video or 2,000 hours of MP3 music or about 4,000 300dpi color photos. The 4 GB drive comes in green.

The drives are solid state - i.e., no moving parts - and Verbatim says they're "significantly more portable and more rugged" than your standard drive because the unit is sealed and therefore resistant to dust, water and static discharges. The drive can be slipped into a USB 2.0 or 1.1 port on a desktop or notebook computer, and the system should recognize it immediately as it would any flash drive.

The drives also offer another security concern for PC users: they have support for Windows ReadyBoost and can password-protect a portion of the drive. The reason only part of the drive is protected is so that other, public data can be put on there and the drive handed over to someone else to download without worrying that private data could be compromised.

The drives are designed to work with Windows Vista, XP or 2000; Mac OS 9.x and higher; and Linux kernel 2.6x and higher. The 4GB drive is expected to cost $29.99 and the 8GB to cost $49.99. They come with the drive, pre-loaded password security software for Windows users, a key ring lanyard and a Quick Start Guide.
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