Timex Debuts Metropolitan+ Fitness Tracking Analog Watch, Skips Smartwatch Bandwagon

It seems as though smartwatches are all the rage these days. Although smartwatches have been around for quite some time, things didn’t really start heating up until Motorola launched the Moto 360 last year. The market really took off when the Apple Watch was launched this past spring, and we’re looking forward to even more great things with the upcoming launch of devices like the second generation Moto 360 and Samsung Gear S2.

But what about those of us that don’t want to go full-bore into the smartwatch realm, but still want something with a little more intelligence than a typical wristwatch? Withings tried to achieve such a feat with its Activité Pop, and now Timex is looking to do the same with its Metropolitan+. The Metropolitan+ is the first addition to Timex’s “Connected Style Collection” and brings with it daily activity tracking. The watch is capable of tracking calories burned, steps, and distance traveled without the need for [relatively] high-powered Snapdragon processors or hefty lithium-ion batteries.

timex metropolitan 1

And since the Metropolitan+ doesn’t have to feed a speedy processor or power hungry display, it makes use of a traditional watch battery which should be good for months of runtime before needing a replacement. Although Timex doesn’t say how long the battery lasts, the similar Activité Pop is good for eight months before the battery needs to be replaced.

The Metropolitan+ connects to your smartwatch via Bluetooth and can display your activity progress with an app that is compatible with iOS and Android operating systems. While you can see the day’s current stats by looking at the dials on your watch face, you can see more information including historical data using the app.

“In the fast-paced world we live in, today’s active man works hard and plays hard, and he doesn’t want to sacrifice style for technical features or vice versa,” said Shawn Lawson Cummings, Timex Group USA Chief Marketing Officer. “We recognized a void in the marketplace for fashionable, functional activity trackers that keep guys connected. The Timex Metropolitan+ watch can be effortlessly integrated into the dynamic, everyday lifestyles of our male consumers.”

Timex will offer the Metropolitan+ in two different styles: a silver-tone case with a black dial and red accents paired with a leather band, or a black case with black dial and orange accents. The latter comes with interchangeable black and orange bands. The silver-tone Metropolitan+ watch with leather strap retails for $125, while the black model will retail for $150.