Time to kill, money to burn?

Ease into the morning HH style here and milk that cup of jo a little bit longer.  First, maybe some light calisthenics for your brain with ol' Sully ought to get the blood flowing.  Then you can  peruse Sean's evaluation of Alienware's performance notebook that is actually more like carrying around a double sausage pizza versus most of the boat-anchor designs out there.  Of course there's ICE's post in our "who is everyone really?" forum thread.  Nice burnt orange lazy boy there ICE and what's that on the counter bro?  Pass it... You're OK for dude ICE, but you can't compare to Jill aka Tharathos... Tech Chicks rule, sorry.

HOT Deals anyone?

HOT Opteron Deals and System Rebates From Monarch 
PNY GeForce 7900GT  - $297.00 - Space Center Systems 
2Gigs of Corsair PC3200 DDR DRAM - $133 at NewEgg 



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