Tim Cook Thinks Apple Watch Will Make Car Keys Obsolete

Apple wants its upcoming smartwatch to be all things to all people, but it will first have to convince people to actually fork over at least $349 for an Apple Watch Sport. After all, many people began ditching their traditional wristwatches with the rise of smartphones — why do we now need two smart devices within arms reach of us at all times?

For Apple CEO Tim Cook, it’s all about notifications. "I'm now so used to getting all my notifications and all my messages," said Cook in an interview with The Telegraph. "It's so incredible just to do this." And in that sense Cook is right; instead of pulling your smartphone out of your pocket or purse every time you receive a new notification, you can simply glance down at your wrist to see if it even warrants a response.

Tim Cook 2009
Apple CEO Tim Cook (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

But a more efficient way to peek at your notifications and emails doesn’t warrant the need for a $349 (and higher) smartwatch in this writer’s opinion. So Cook is angling for more inventive ways to sell consumers, including the ability to use the Apple Watch as a replacement for the large key fob that comes with today’s automobiles. Cook didn’t explain how this integration would work, but we’d assume that future vehicles would have to be designed to interface specifically with the Apple Watch, perhaps with a combination of Wi-Fi/cellular connectivity and NFC.

The ability to interface with your vehicle’s security/ignition system is quite intriguing and plays well into Apple’s efforts to take over your car’s infotainment system with Car Play. It also makes perfect sense when you consider all of the compounding reports that Apple is preparing its own electric car that will take on the likes of Tesla, Nissan, and Ford (not to mention luxury offerings from BMW and Mercedes-Benz).


During the interview, Cook also played up the importance of Apple Pay integration with the Apple Watch, and how it will serve as the perfect companion to fitness buffs. Cook also mentioned that the Apple Watch could be worn while taking a shower; a perk that was originally forbidden according to Apple reps when the smartwatch was first announced. But while the Apple Watch’s water resistance has advanced since its early reveal back in September, we can’t say the same for battery life. Until we hear otherwise at the Apple Watch keynote on March 9, the company line has been that it will need to be recharged nightly. And Cook also confirmed what we heard earlier this week; Apple is "tweaking the experience in the store" to accommodate the Apple Watch.

We’ll learn a lot more in less than two weeks from now, including the price of the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition. Although we think that many Apple fans will need a defibrillator on hand when pricing for the latter is announced.