Apple To 'Spring Forward' With Live Streamed Apple Watch Event On March 9

The smartwatch market is just starting to get interesting. Android Wear devices have been making the rounds since summer 2014, and Samsung has made some inroads with its Tizen-based smartwatches. And Pebble just announced its next big smartwatch offering with the Pebble Time, which includes a color e-paper display while still retaining a seven-day battery life.

But all eyes are on Apple, which is set to release its Apple Watch family in April. Apple gave us some preliminary details on the smartwatch at the tail end of the iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus keynote in September, and relayed the MSRP for the entry-level Apple Watch Sport: $349.


Today, Apple has revealed that it will hold a keynote address on March 9 that will focus primarily on the Apple Watch (it will be live streamed). Look no further than the “Spring Forward” phrasing on the invitation, which is a nod to Daylight Saving’s Time, to confirm that Apple Watch will be the primary topic of discussion.

We’re expecting to hear a lot more details on the Apple Watch at this event including official pricing for the [standard] Apple Watch and the Apple Watch Edition. We also hope to learn more about the rated battery life of the device. Currently, all Apple is stating is that customers will need to charge their devices nightly. Apple CEO Tim Cook will also likely give us the official on-sale date for the Apple Watch family. This means that the Apple faithful that lineup outside Apple Retail Stores before each major product release will have plenty of advance notice to pencil in time off from work to stand in line or crawl out of their parents’ basement to face sunlight and other humans.


According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple is expecting a huge launch for the Apple Watch and has commanded its suppliers to provide upwards of six million units for the April launch. The $349 Apple Watch Sport is expected to account for 50 percent of those orders.