Thursday News - Albatron 875P Mobo, Samsung 193P Flat Panel

Morning gang. Yesterday was one of the most stressful days in a long time at the day job. We lost our T1 at the office all day and Verizon really didn't act like they cared. Guess we'll be looking for a new provider soon! Anyhow, while we get back to normal, I had a few moments to pop in and give you a little news. Hope this will hold you over for now.

*Tweaknews has a look at a Radeon 9600 with Dual DVI and 256MB of memory from HIS:

"With the numerous configurations available, one option seems to be quite a bit more scare and that is native support for dual DVI connections for the newer CRT and LCD monitors. Most dual DVI cards are more limited two dimensional drafting / professional workstations or ultra high end graphics card but to be honest a mainstream desktop gaming card with this feature is hard to come by. Well, until now........."

*MBReview has a review of the Albatron 875P Pro motherboard.When you're done, check out what we had to say when we gave this board a looksee:

"Today, we'll be taking a look at the first Albatron motherboard to enter our hands, the ?Prescott? supporting PX875P Pro. Albatron make some rather high claims when it comes to the capabilities of the PX875P Pro, mainly in that it is capable of supporting the Pentium 4 processor all the way to the 1.2GHz FSB mark. Is this true, or nothing more than another marketing spin with no basis to it? Let?s find out."

*Anandtech takes a look at the Samsung 193P: Exclusive Preview:

"Today, we celebrate our third generation of 19" LCD monitors from Samsung. We first saw samples of the 193P six months ago at Comdex Las Vegas. The SyncMaster 193P caught our eye as something different; it has no interface other than the on/off switch. Windows or Mac software control typical functions of the On Screen Display (OSD). The 193P also had a lot of other intriguing qualities; portrait display, cable management, pivot/swivel options and a very sleek look."

*OK, this one is more for nostalgia than anything else. I was poking around the web and came across a site that has archives of TV commercials for various video games from 20 years ago. Remember "Pitfall" or "Chopper Command"? Well, I do (cause I'm old) and now you can watch the original commercial. How about Coleco Vision or Intellivision. Got that too! Check it out!

That's all for now. Catch you back here soon! -Jay