Thrift Shop MP3 Player Laden with Military Info

It's not the first time a used storage device of some type has yielded sensitive information, and it won't be the last. Chris Ogle from Whangerei, NZ (pictured) got a surprise after he bought a used MP3 player from an Oklahoma thrift store for $18. Upon hooking it to his PC, he found 60 files of military information in total, including the names and personal details of American soldiers.

While it's bad enough that the information was on the device in the first place, it's also hard to understand why they would be using their MP3 player to transport this information. Let's also not forget that the Pentagon banned USB drives last November, though that was over a virus.

Here we have someone taking information that, admittedly, is out of date, out of the office on their MP3 player. The files are dated 2005, and thus probably not a security risk, but some of the phone numbers still work, and that's definitely a bad thing.

Ogle doesn't feel comfortable hanging onto the device. He said:
"The more I look at it, the more I see and the less I think I should be (seeing)."
Ogle has said that he would turn over the device if asked to by the U.S. military, but no such request has occurred yet.