This Controversial iPhone 11 Feature May End Up On The 2019 iPad Pro Family

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When it comes to Apple's 2019 iPhone family, we know quite a bit about the smartphones already, especially with respect to their designs. From the front, the smartphones are expected to look nearly identical to their 2018 counterparts, but out back, they're expected to add an additional camera inside a square housing.

According to the latest rumors coming from the Japanese blog Mac Otakara, Apple will be using the same -- or at least visually similar -- square camera pod on the 2019 iPad Pro family. Even more dramatically, it's said that the 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models will now have three cameras, putting them on par with the 2019 iPhone Pro.

ipad pro triple

This is a big upgrade considering that the current iPad Pros only have a single rear camera. The development is even more curious considering that iPads aren't even typically thought of as camera platforms. In fact, people who use iPads as "cameras" out in public are typically mocked, especially when the massive slabs of glass and aluminum are blocking the view of others during crowded events.

Mac Otakara also claims that Apple will release a new "standard" 10.2-inch iPad (replacing the current $329 9.7-inch iPad) that will have a square camera pod on the rear. However, this model will have two cameras instead of three. According to the report, the iPad Pro family will feature triple cameras consisting of a telephoto, wide-angle and super-wide-angle lens. The lesser iPad will have wide-angle and telephoto lens onboard.

At this point, it's not known if the new iPad Pro and iPad tablets will be announcing alongside the iPhone 11/iPhone Pro, or if it will be announced at a separate event -- perhaps in October -- with the rumored all-new 16-inch MacBook Pro.