Apple May Use iPhone Pro Branding For 2019 Models Launching In September

A new rumor is making the rounds that claims Apple will change the branding for its high-end iPhone line this year. Leaker CoinX posted via Twitter that the naming convention for the iPhone for 2019 will include "Pro" hinting that high-end versions of the smartphone might be called the iPhone Pro. 

iphone 2019

Reports indicate that CoinX has a short history of Apple leaks, but has been accurate with leaks in the past. The leaker was accurate on current iPhone naming, the iPad mini coming back, and the iPhone XS Max. The leaker was also correct on symmetry differences between iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XR.

All the leak claimed was that the Pro name would be used. Apple already uses the Pro branding in the iPad segment, so adding an iPhone Pro wouldn't be a big stretch. We have no idea what the hardware difference between the regular iPhone models and the iPhone Pro would be. Likely an iPhone Pro would have more RAM and possibly a faster processor than other models.

There have been rumors that focus on what the coming iPhones will bring. The design of the rear cameras with its three lenses in a rather unattractive layout has left more than a few iPhone fans unhappy with the aesthetics of the devices leaked so far. The iPhone 11 devices landing this year are expected to have a wide-angle smart frame camera and a new taptic engine.

Rumors have also suggested that future iPhone devices might have both Face ID and Touch ID using an in-screen fingerprint sensor. Qualcomm is expected to provide Apple with the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. An in-screen fingerprint sensor is something that Android devices offer widely, and some prefer a fingerprint scanner rather than facial scanning for logins.