ThinkGeek Is Having A 50% Sitewide Closeout Sale And Shacking Up With GameStop

ThinkGeek, a website that we hit up on occasion for novelty items to soothe the geek's soul, is closing up shop. The company has an online presence at and it also has 40 brick and mortar locations scattered across the United States.

ksig pipboy 76 kit

While the physical stores will remain open -- for now -- the website will shut down on July 2nd, 2019. For those looking to purchase ThinkGeek items online, you will be able to do so from GameStop, which is its parent company. According to a blog post, there will be a special ThinkGeek section setup at where you'll find the usual assortment of geeky gear.

In honor of this "moving sale" of sorts, ThinkGeek is slashing 50 percent of all items sold currently on its website. You will have to input the code MOVINGDAY at checkout to get the discount. If you've been late in finding a gift for the recent grad in your life or for your dad on Father's Day -- and you don't mind waiting a while for shipping -- now might be a good time to score a hot deal. With regards to shipping ThinkGeek writes:

Due to high sales volumes during our moving sale, you may experience a long delay in processing and shipping times. Bear with our warehouse monkeys, they’re working as hard as possible to clean up for the move.

One think to keep in mind is that all sales are final at this point, so you had better be sure that the Captain Picard Facepalm Bust will really look good on your desk before you click the purchase button. Wait, who are we kidding, of course a facepalming Picard would look good on your desk... or nightstand... or atop your refrigerator, silently judging you.

capt picard facepalm bust

There are a few other things to consider. As of June 30th, the Geek Points program will be ending and your ThinkGeek account will be terminated after July 2nd. As for your ThinkGeek gift cards, they can still be used at ThinkGeek/GameStop brick and mortar locations and