Thermaltake announces world's first dedicated SLI power supply

Thermaltake releases the world's first patent design power supply
for the high-performance graphics cards

NVIDIA and ATI are pushing their video cards faster while Intel and AMD are quickly switching to multi-core processors. Consumers are often left confused regarding the choice of the vast amount of power supplies in the market.

Thermaltake Technology's innovational spirits have developed the world's first patent design power supply unit that is dedicated towards the high-performance graphic cards today. Due to the high demand of the 12V rail as specified by NVIDIA and ATI, the Power Express 250W dedicated graphic card power supply is born. The power supply effectively assists the consumers to retain the original power supply they have been using before the upgrade of their video cards. The sole purpose of the Power Express is to provide as high as 21A of 12V for the video cards. The Power Express 250W is also equipped with a 24 pin main adaptors so that the unit can turn on and off at the same time the computer system is being turned on and off. The simple 5.25" drive bay is powered through an AC adaptor card in one of the PCI slots; this implementation of the unit enables easy access and easy installation of the whole system.

External appearance-wise, the Power Express 250W has a front panel with three LED lights that shows the operating condition of the unit and the video card. Thermaltake did not forget that the Power Express is still essentially a power supply – it is still equipped with OVP, OCP, SCP, OTP, and other kinds of circuitry protection as well as active PFC for the most stable environment possible. The low-noise 40mm fan in the front of the unit also constantly keeps the power supply cool and quiet at all times. READ MORE