Thermalright SI-97 CPU Cooler, Corsair XMS2-6400 TwinX, and more!

Hey folks, sorry about the lack of updates this weekend, but we have some decent news for you tonight. Included in the list of items, is Abit's RX700 Pro-256PCIE, which comes with 1.6ns GDDR-3, and Corsair's XMS2-6400 modules, which are rated for 800MHz. Both very overclocker friendly... very. Anyway folks, after sleeping 6 hours on a hardwood floor last night, I think I could use a nap on a mattress. Enjoy the news :)

Thermalright SI-97 CPU Cooler Review @ 3DXtreme

"Today 3DXtreme has the pleasure of testing the latest Socket A heatsink from Thermalright, the SI-97. Although A64 and Pentium 4 users have been given the opportunity to use the XP-120 and XP-90, the users of the older Socket A platform have not been able to share in their good fortune. Thermalright would not forget, and soon they produced the SI-97, an even lighter version of the XP "Light and Easy" series of heatsinks."

ABIT RX700 PRO-256PCIE Radeon X700 PRO Review @ Beyond3D

"The RX700 PRO-256PCIE sports eight 1.6ns GDDR-3 memory modules, giving a total amount of 256MB of local memory; for the X700 Pro design, ATI used 2.0ns chips and only suggested 1.6ns for the XT model. ABIT are substantially underclocking the memory on their RX700 Pro - under ideal conditions, the chip should be able to reach 625MHz, 45% faster - and the decision is somewhat unusual, given the market sector the product is being targeted towards."

Modecom MC-AV2000 @

"AV2000 is Modecom's first 5.1 surround sound speakers setup. Modecom has been known for it's high quality PSUs. The company did it's best to make a good start in the computer audio market. What distinguishes this set from the others are pretty impressive (for computer speakers) casings, made of wood (MDF board to be more specific) and 110 W of RMS power."

Albatron PC6600GT Video Card @ LAN Addict

"When all is said and done, I think the Albatron 6600 GT is a great mainstream card. I would have liked NVIDIA to support OpenGL 2.0 with the 6xxx series, like ATi has done with the X8xxXL cards. When it comes to performance, the PC6600GT is great. This card is one of the best mainstream cards on the market, and for $200, it's priced to sell."

Corsair XMS2-6400 TwinX Memory Kit Overview @ Rojak Pot

"The Corsair XMS2-6400 TwinX memory kit is the latest and fastest DDR2 memory kit at 800MHz! Optimized for the NVIDIA nForce 4 SLI Intel Edition platform, this memory kit features two matched 512MB CM2X512A-6400 memory modules but is also available as a single module."