There's Bad, There's Evil, And Then There's Infecting Santa With Malware

There are some very bad people out there in the world. But it goes beyond bad to put malicious code onto Santa Claus' .net webpage.

"Nestled all snug in the bottom of his home page was a nice little bit of code containing a badware link," he added. The problem was soon resolved, but alas, while good boys and girls may fall asleep waiting for a visit from St. Nicholas, there's no delay at all when you're dealing with the bad guys. On Friday, malware had again cropped up on the Web site. is helping Kris Kringle get the offending code off his site, but you really have to wonder what sort of a world we live in where Santa gets hacked. Hey Santa, I'm going to the men's room; give me the malware writer's stocking and I'll fill it up for you. He doesn't deserve coal.

Read the whole thing here.


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