The Ten Most Likely Least Likely Tech Things

Turning over the calendar means lots and lots of lists. The lists cataloging the year gone by get boring fast. We like crazy stabs at the future much better. Here's a list of ten things that could change the next ten years of your future, chosen despite --and  because -- they seem so unlikely. But as the author points out, pretty much all of today's must haves seemed like harebrained schemes the first time you heard of them, didn't they? Here's my fave:

THE CHUMBY The creators of this bizarre little device have generated a huge buzz over the past few months - and it's not even due to be launched until early in the year. The Chumby is a wireless internet device about the size of a rugby ball. It has no keyboard or mouse but instead uses software called widgets to display pretty much anything you want it to - all the time. For instance, it will act as an alarm clock, play your music, show you constantly updated news or track an eBay auction.

And the really interesting thing is that it is designed to be hacked - everything from the software code to the specifications for the case are freely available. No one, including the manufacturers, knows what owners will make Chumbys do once they are released.

I want one! At least I think I do. I guess. Never mind. What's your must-have utility for the coming decade?

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