The Return of 3DGPU, Tapwave Zodiac, 6800 Stuff & More

Hey There!  It's your friendly neighborhood Italian checking in with a late night serving of hardware goodness.  The news has been coming in at a fevered pace today, so we've got quite a bit to get to in this installment.  Kill the boob tube, grab some munchies, and settle in.  You've got some reading to do...

 3DGPU Grand Reopening & PNY Verto GeForce 6800GT Review:

"The GeForce 6800GT is a down-clocked GeForce 6800 Ultra, which is the top-of-the-line of the new GeForce 6800 series. Meaning that it has the same features and specifications as the Ultra, but is slightly slower in core and memory clock speeds. However, this won't stop most gamers from overclocking their GT to Ultra speeds (more on that later.)"

 Gigabyte GA-K8NSNXP nForce3-250Gb Motherboard Review@ PCStats:

"Apparently too, the MOSFETs on this motherboard can handle up to 150 amperes. The Gigabyte GA-K8NSNXP's Dual Power system is a 6-phase unit, which reportedly can scale up with CPU's as fast as 10 GHz. I guarantee we won't be seeing anything that quick, anytime soon, however!"

 July DDR2 Pricing Guide @ Legit Reviews:

"Pricing for DDR2 has finally steadied out on the market. For the first time in over three months we have started to see DDR2 pricing go up instead of coming down. This makes sense as we are getting set to enter August, which is traditionally a strong month for computer sales..."

 Kingston HyperX 1024MB PC4300 Dual Channel Kit Review @ ExtremeOverclocking:

"Kingston Technology is one of the largest independent memory module manufacturers in the world, and to be at the top means meeting consumer needs. Kingston's HyperX line of memory is targeted towards high performance PC enthusiasts, offering top of the line memory at market competitive prices backed by Kingston's lifetime warranty."

 Vantec ION 2 350W Power Supply Video Review @ 3DGameMan:

"This virtually-silent power supply sports a whisper-quiet 120mm fan, has black sleeving and black EZ-Grip connectors on each of the 4 pin leads, and rounds out nicely with a reasonable price point. While this power supply is only 350 watts, it has no problem powering the most current computer systems. The overall design, appearance, and performance of this product is excellent. Watch the Video to find out more..."

 TTIC NPH-1 P4 Heat-Pipe Cooler Review @ InsaneTek:

"TTIC utilizes a different technique of heatpipe technology than most other heatsink manufacturers. Smaller, thinner heatpipes is the common design. Instead, TTIC chose to have one extra large heatpipe that runs directly through the center of the fins."

 Tapwave Zodiac Handheld Gaming PDA Reviewed @ PDAToday.Com:

"The modern PDA has given rise to a new level of handheld games. Usually equipped with a better processor, more memory, more storage, and 16-bit full color screens, the modern PDA has allowed adults to play games that are more complex and sophisticated. So is the market ready for a hardware platform that is more advanced than previously available and designed for the adult gamer? Tapwave believes so."

OK, that should keep you busy for a while.  I'm going to get away from the keyboard for a bit and watch some American Chopper.  Mikey is the man...

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