The Paranoia of Digital Rights, Gigabyte X800 & X800XL

Hey folks, we get the evening news all ready for ya. Recently, information about Nvidia's G70 has been circulating around the net. Josh at PenStar Systems attempts to pick out the truth from the sea of rumors, so check out what Nvidia's next offering might offer.

Swiftech MCP-350 & PolarFLO TT Pumps Review @ | Image

"Now many would say that this design, with the inlet and outlet facing the same direction, does not make sense. The water comes up and then has to make a 90 degree turn to go out. Why did they design it like that? Wouldn't the performance be even better if it went straight out? The answers are actually quite simple. The design decision was made because this particular pump was designed to be used in tight spaces, such as the inside of electronics gear."

The Paranoia of Digital Rights Management @ CoolTechZone

"...I am certain that majority of you would want to compensate the musician and those involved in the process fairly (the same applies to MPAA), and I also understand that RIAA and MPAA are losing their fair share of revenue due to piracy. But there are better ways of dealing with Digital Rights Management than harassing children and senior citizens who are probably not aware of what they are doing or why it is wrong."

Gigabyte X800 & X800XL - Silent High End Video Cards @ HardCOREware

"Gigabyte is one of the few who go a step further - most of their video card lineup consists of silent versions on both the ATI and NVIDIA side. Today, we're looking at two higher-end ATI based cards - the X800 and X800XL. That's right; a 100% fanless X800XL - a 16 pipe card clocked at 400 MHz. Surprisingly, Gigabyte did not include oven mitts in the bundle!"

Corsair PC2-5400UL DDR2 Memory Review @ Legit Review

"At 667MHz with 3-2-2-8 timings the memory bandwidth was found to be roughly 6700MB/Sec. By pushing the FSB of our processer up to 316MHz and running the 3:5 divider we were able to get over 8,000 MB/Sec of bandwidth...."

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