The Orange Browser Is Coming Out If You Don't Like The Blue Browser

Whatcha looking at Hothardware with? You can use Firefox 2.0 starting on Tuesday, if you like:

Firefox 2.0, the foremost rival to Microsoft Corp.'s Internet Explorer browser, is set for release Tuesday afternoon, said its producer, the not-for-profit Mozilla Corp. The free 5-megabyte browser, available in 39 languages for Windows, Mac and Linux computers, will be downloadable from, the Mountain View, Calif., company said. The new release of the two-year-old product includes new features but strives to retain its simplicity of design and operation, Mike Schroepfer, Mozilla's vice president of engineering, said earlier this week.

Those doughty open source internauts at Mozilla are approaching 10% market share in the browser wars. I'm .0000001% of that, give or take some zeroes.

Read about it here.


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