The New Vista, Windows 8 Still Behind What Was Arguably Microsoft’s Worst OS Release Ever

It appears that there is still some life left in Window’s 8. Microsoft’s current operating system has been a disappointment for the company since its release. While the OS has seen its percentage of user shares increase it has been unable to outpace Windows Vista during the same time period six years ago.

According to web analytics firm Net Applications, the combined user share for Windows 8 and 8.1 is at 13.4 percent of the worlds combined number of desktops and notebooks for the month of August. That is up nine-tenths of a percentage point from July and is the first time since May for it to increase. The increase is also the largest since April which was followed by two months of decline. As for personal computers, Windows 8 accounted for 14.6 percent (Windows only powers about 91.6 percent of all personal computers).

While any increase is good for the OS, the firm pointed out that Windows 8 was unable to keep up with Windows Vista for the same time period since it had launched. During that same time period, Windows Vista accounted for 14.3 percent of all personal computers and 15.1 percent of all Windows PCs (Windows powered 94.4 percent of all personal computers at that time).

In addition, the firm added that Windows 7 seems to have reached a plateau with 51.2 percent of user shares. It is the first month, out of the last six, since Windows 7’s user share has not increased. As for Windows XP, user share fell in August and accounts for 23.9 percent of all personal computers.

What has been your experience with Windows 8 so far? Or have you refrained from updating to the current OS?