The Mini-ITX Project, Lian Li External HDD Enclosure EX-125

Hey folks, it's really late... really. The last batch of this weekend's news is ready, and we'll have more in about 10 hours, so stay tuned. Goodnight!

Samsung SE-W164 DVD Writer @ Bytesector

"Today we're taking Samsung's SE-W164 external DVD burner for a spin (no pun intended). The competition is extremely tight, so many different companies are pushing drives with new features and improved capabilities; sometimes you have to wonder about false promises. Will Samsung's latest external hard drive, the SE-W164, deliver on the rated speeds? Is the drive consistent? Is it just as capable as an internal drive?"

The Mini-ITX Project @ XYZ Computing

"As opposed to building another general purpose, midtower computer this was the perfect opportunity to build something much smaller and, hopefully, much quieter. I had been wanting to build a miniature form factor computer for a while but previously did not have the time or need to do so. As soon as this thought presented itself, I started researching. Thus began the Mini-ITX project."

Lian Li External HDD Enclosure EX-125 @ SystemCooling | Image

"Lian Li is a well known case manufacturer. Their high quality and highly function designs have made them a big name in today's enthusiast market. Today we will be taking a look at something totally new from Lian Li, an external hard drive enclosure. Can these kings of cases stake the claim in the world of hard drive enclosures as well? Let's find out."

AOpen Aeolus PCX6600-DV128LP (GeForce 6600, PCIe) @ Hardware Zone

"AOpen has introduced a low profile GeForce 6600 graphics card that could be a boon for owners of small casings. Aimed at noise conscious and space constrained buyers with its lower middle price range and a totally silent cooler, find out if this card will grace your next small form factor computer."

MSI RX700Pro-TD128E videocard review @ Xtreme Resources

"Today I have a MSI RX700PRO-TD128E PCI-E card which may seem a little too old since it is featuring 'only' 128MB of memory, yet we will see if the size of the memory makes a real difference in today's applications."