The Last Games You'd Play - RigorMorty Whines...

We can't help but offer this pathetic excuse for a human being up for your amusement and pity, perhaps.  Ol' Morty asks the folks at Slashdot what games he should play, if he had to pick and choose.  See ol' Morty, at the ripe old age of 44, is getting old and arthritic... (from too much gaming?)

"I am an older man (44), an avid fan of video games, and I am faced with a problem; my hands are becoming arthritic as I get older. I fear I will soon have to completely give up the console games I have loved over the years. To that end, let me ask the Slashdot Nation - if you were going to give it up, what games would you insist on playing before you had to quit? I'm willing to make some effort to do this, and spend some cash; I will buy the new consoles if I need to, or try to find obscure titles."

Morty, though we realize that's not your real name, allow us to bestow upon you 7 pearls of wisdom... 

  • Number 1 - 44 is NOT old unless you allow yourself to feel old.
  • Number 2 - Start moving larger muscle groups beyond just the ten digits on your hands.
  • Number 3 - GET A LIFE
  • Number 4 - Realize that you are only as old as you feel.
  • Number 5 - When members of the HH crew turn 44, they'll drop and give you 20 plank-straight push-ups just to show you what a pathetic load you are.
  • Number 6 - Play fewer video games and become a more rounded individual.
  • Number 7 - GET A LIFE