The Hacks Keep Coming As Microsoft's Office Blog Takes A Hit From The SEA

Earlier this month the Syrian Electronic Army hacked Microsoft’s Twitter account (twice), posting messages telling users not to use Microsoft’s email systems, ostensibly because the company was “monitoring your accounts and selling the data to the governments”. The SEA is back at it, defacing Microsoft’s Office Blog by adding a “hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army” line after some articles.

The newly-redesigned Office Blog was hacked just hours after its launch, but Microsoft told The Verge that everything was back under control. A Microsoft spokesperson said, "A targeted cyberattack temporarily affected the Microsoft Office blog. The account was quickly reset and we can confirm that no customer information was compromised.”

SEA screenshot of Microsoft Office Blog admin panel
New Microsoft Office Blog admin panel (click to enlarge)

The SEA posted screenshots of both the old and the new official Office Blog administration panels, and taunted the company on Twitter by saying, “Dear @Microsoft, Changing the CMS will not help you if your employees are hacked and they don't know about that.”

It’s not completely clear why the SEA is repeatedly attacking Microsoft, but it’s uncomfortable to see it happen with so much regularity.