The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear... Depends

Well, they had the 39th annual Tokyo Auto Show the other day, and Toyota set hearts aflutter with their "i-swing" personal mobility concept car. Now, the skeptical among you might notice that the squarest of squares seem to think they can place a lower case " i " in front of anything and sell it to the skinny eyeglass set. But this is the greatest concept since the Segway, isn't it?

Toyota's single-seat electric car resembles a soft cuddly armchair on three wheels and comes with a virtual "friend" programmed inside that learns the driver's tastes and personality. Japanese automaker Toyota Motor Corp. says its "i-swing," which can be seen zipping around on a stage at the Tokyo Motor Show, is a car that's designed to be more than a cold machine, and for use on sidewalks as well as roads.

I've become old and jaded. And while I popped a betamax tape in my rented vcr and watched an old video of me fishing with my Popeil Pocket Fisherman at my timeshare condo in Grenada while I was waiting for Matlock to come on the TeeVee, I couldn't help thinking of this:

The original personal mobility car.

Don't forget to turn your computer off when you're done looking. Use your Clapper.

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