First Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer Whets Appetites Of Gunslinging Cowboys

It’s been an exciting week for fans of the Red Dead gaming franchise. Over the weekend, Rockstar Games gave us two teasers pointing towards a new sequel to Red Dead Redemption. On Tuesday, the developer officially announced that the game would arrive in Fall 2017 and that it would be called Red Dead Redemption 2.

Rockstar also told us to standby for a trailer that would debut on Thursday morning. Well, it’s Thursday morning and Rockstar was true to its word. Here’s the trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2:

There’s definitely a lot of potential here, although we don’t have much to go on with regards to the story. At least the visuals look solid, and Rockstar has made it a point to state that multiplayer will be a key focus with Red Dead Redemption 2.

As we previously stated, Red Dead Redemption 2 is on track to launch around this time next year (although we wouldn’t be surprised to see that launch slip into early 2018), and will initially be available only on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. However, if Grand Theft Auto V is any indicator, we may see a PC version eventually make its way to those who crave 4K gaming goodness.