The Elder Scrolls Beta Opens To Public Scrutiny

It’s time to throw on your best hauberk and head to Tamriel. That’s right, The Elder Scrolls Online is taking names for a public Beta. Gamers who have been debating whether the online fantasy game will live up to the hype will finally have the chance to find out for themselves. What sets The Elder Scrolls Online apart from related Elder Scrolls game is that it’s an MMORPG, in the vein of World of Warcraft.

Of course, The Elder Scrolls strives to be different than the MMORPGs already on the market, and it already has one clear structural difference: one server to rule them all. That’s right, all players will be playing in the same realm, which means that ZeniMax Studios and Bethesda can really amp up the social network aspects of the game. The game also keeps the mouse-based combat system you’re familiar with if you’ve played Skyrim or the like. What, you’re still reading this? Sign up!