The Egg Is Coming To Store, Share, And Secure Your Mobile Data, Sans Cloud

Despite the fact that "cloudstorage has nothing to do with our atmosphere, it's somehow still managed to catch on. In fact, chances are good that you already take advantage of a cloud solution, whether it be DropboxOneDriveGoogle Drive, and et cetera. Even our saved games on Steam get synced to the cloud! Cloud storage is simply everywhere, and for good reason: its convenient.

But... convenient at what cost? Nowadays, it's hard to not reference Edward Snowden, because after his NSA revelations, we can’t look at the Internet the same way. While cloud storage companies may encourage us with promises of high security, it seems obvious by this point that nothing can be entirely trusted.

And thus, the concept behind "The Egg" was born, a personal cloud device.

Egg Personal Cloud

The Egg takes on an egg shape (surprising, I know), and is small enough to not be much of a nuisance. You could keep it in your pocket, your purse, or perhaps even your pocket. As long as it's within range to your mobile device, you'll be able to take full advantage of its storage, either via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. For wired, it can be plugged in via USB.

Storage devices like these have existed for a couple of years, but there are a couple of things that sets The Egg apart. For one, its size: it's pretty small, versus an external hard drive. Plus, it's specifically designed to automatically back up your data, and with no hassle. In most cases, you can simply connect The Egg to your phone, and the backup process will happen automatically.

What else can this "easiest device in the world to use" do? Like a cloud service, it can allow you to share certain data (whether it be photos, music, or what-have-you) with nearby friends - all without requiring the data go through the Internet. It also has the ability to completely remove such data from your phone, so as to retain as much available phone space as possible. Clearly, if you own The Egg, it's eggspected that you're going to be bringing it with you everywhere, and every time.

Egg Personal Cloud Packaging

Under The Egg's shell is an Intel Atom processor, so there's some ample power here. There's also a 1,800mAh battery, which the designers say will allow the device to last between 12 to 16 hours with active use. That's actually really impressive.

On the topic of size, while the overall dimensions are not provided (perhaps a bit hard given its shape), the TFT screen comes in at 2.4". On this touch display, you can monitor the power, storage capacity, and adjust various settings.

The Egg is being funded on Kickstarter, and spending $219 will get you the 64GB model. At launch, the same density will be available for $199.99. Doubling that to 128GB will cost $299, while 256GB can be had for $399. It's worth noting that many smartphones charge roughly $100 just to go from 64GB to 128GB, so this pricing seems fair.

There's still 40 days remaining on The Egg's Kickstarter, with $20,000 of the required $100,000 being met so far. I'm not usually one to egg people on, but if you're at all interested in this product, get cracking!

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