The Best Value GeForce 7 Graphics Card

Legion Hardware answers the age old question today, "Which GeForce 7 graphics card is the best value?"  The author runs through a handful of benchmarks with 7900, 7600, and 7300 GTs, and explains where each card fits in the 3D food chain.

"Providing you are going to play the latest games with quality settings, such as FSAA & Aniso enabled, the 7900GT is a must. That said when operating at their default frequencies, the 7600GT did deliver the best bang for your buck as it dominated the 7300GT with ease and was only around 30~40% slower than the 7900GT depending on the game. However if you plan on overclocking, the 7300GT is the best value option of the three! Nonetheless, if high-end performance is what you want without spending ridiculous amounts of money, then the 7900GT is the best option from NVIDIA."