That Ridiculous Necklace Claiming To Offer 5G Protection Might Be Radioactive

This Quantum Pendant, allegedly to protect you from 5G radiation, is actually radioactive
There are more than a few people who think 5G transmitters are bad for your health. Some have gone so far as to claim the transmitters cause COVID-19. To protect themselves and others from the purported ill effects of 5G cellular networks, they’ve developed a number of products to purportedly shield you from the transmissions. Ironically, a Dutch authority on radiation has issued a warning that 10 of these products actually emit harmful radiation.

These products include an “Energy Armor” sleeping mask, a bracelet, and a necklace. There’s even a children’s bracelet, called Magnetix Wellness, included in the warning.

Sleep mask to protect from 5G transmitters
One of the products listed in the Dutch warning is this sleep mask

The warning, issued by the Dutch authority for nuclear safety and radiation protection (ANVS), tells owners, “Don’t wear it any more, put it away safely and wait for the return instructions”.

Another name for the accessories is “Quantum Pendant”. ANVS says the amount of measured radiation from the products is small, and the risk of health damage is minimal. However, long-term health risks cannot be ruled out if the products are worn continuously.

The full list of items deemed unsafe includes:

  • Energy Armor sleeping mask
  • Energy Armor black and white necklace
  • Energy Armor black super bracelet
  • Magnetix Fit & Slim silicone bracelet XL
  • Magnetix Magnetic necklace with negative ions made of skin-friendly silicone.
  • Magnetix Smiley Kids bracelet with negative ions
  • Magnetix Sportboost bracelet with negative ions
  • Quantum Pendant
  • Basic Nero bracelet

Dutch law has since banned the sale of these accessories, but obviously they might be available elsewhere. In fact, the Illinois Emergency Management Agency warned about risks related to so-called “Quantum Pendants” in 2018. That product was found to contain thorium and uranium. Images of the Quantum Pendant provided by IEMA look remarkably similar to the one listed in the Dutch warning.

Imagery of the Quantum Pendant included in 2018 Illinois warning
This Quantum Pendant included in IEMA's warning looks identical to those included in the ANVS list

Since science has already proven there’s no discernible health risk associated with 5G transmitters, there really isn’t a solid reason to wear one of these things, unless of course you're down with the sickness that radioactive materials have been proven to inflict on humans.