Thailand seeks to block YouTube videos again

It hasn't been that long since the couple has reconciled, but it appears YouTube and Thailand may be on the splits again.  The government is seeking a court order to block two video clips currently on YouTube.

"In the next couple of days, we will seek a court order to block those links deemed to cause public confusion and threaten national security," Yanaphon Youngyuen, head of the Justice Ministry's Internet crimes unit, told Reuters.

"While awaiting the court order, we are seeking cooperation from Internet service providers to block those links," he said.

The two-part postings, entitled "The Crisis of Siam," and running 10:42 minutes and 6:06 minutes, accuse former Prime Minister Prem Tinsulanonda of plotting the September 2006 coup, not the generals who took credit.

The videos are still there, if you want to see them; you can search for the title.  At this point, there is no comment from YouTube.