TFT HTPC, Intel Dual-Core Preview and Others

Good evening friends, sorry about the later post tonight, but, I just walked in the door from work.  Oh the joys of being on call ;)  Nonetheless, it is getting late and there is a ton of "special" emails to filter through so let's get down to business.  Here is your nightcap...

 HTPCnews Exclusive: Uneed International 7inch TFT HTPC

"The Uneed x15 case certainly is unique and fairly well designed case.  The touch screen was a great add on that really makes this case stand out from the rest of the market and even allows you to put your own personal touch on, as I did with the Konfabulator widgets. This is by no means an average case and can house just about anything you wish to put in it."

 SimHQ Preview: Intel Dual-Core Pentium Performance

"While Intel has not yet announced an official release date for their first dual-core processors, the company has decided to bring market attention to this halcyon change in their future CPU lineup by seeding the hardware and gaming media outlets with early samples. The market has been humming lately with rumors and expectations over the performance gains dual-core processors are expected to bring to the x86 platform, but SimHQ would like to stress that today's article is a performance preview-a sneak peak..."

 CoolerMaster Aquagate Mini R120 Water Cooling Combo @ Hardcoreware

"If Cooler Master has anything to say about it, you can forget about that! They have put together an all-inclusive CPU watercooling rig dubbed the Aquagate Mini. The R120 version comes equipped with a 120mm fan that spins as low as 800 RPM. Best of all, the entire unit is powered by fan headers on the motherboard."

 Shuttle SN25P Small Form Factor PC Review @ HardOCP

"The SN25P is feature rich in the enthusiast department. Certainly it is solid enough to satisfy a majority of the enthusiasts interested in this platform."

 Kingston DDR2 PC2-6000 (750MHz) Memory @ Legit Reviews

"The KHX6000D2K2 kit is a matched pair dual channel 512MB DDR2 750MHz PC2-6000 modules. These modules are rated at 4-4-4-12 timings with 1.9 Volts. Not the lowest latency on the market today by any means, but still considered low latency for DDR2 memory at 750MHz"