Texting And Walking Is Hazardous To Your Health Too But You Knew That

We're all aware of the dangers of texting and driving -- it's generally not wise to take your eyes off the road when barreling down the freeway encased in a hunk of steel and glass -- but what about texting and walking? There's at least one medical professor out there who believes that walking and text messaging is even more dangerous than distracted driving.

According to Dietrich Jehle, professor of emergency medicine at the University of Buffalo, texting and walking is responsible for more injuries per mile than driving and texting.

"Pedestrian injuries are particularly dangerous because there's no protective area surrounding you when you're hit by a car. We always view pedestrian injuries as kind of high risk injuries," Jehle told WTOP.

Dinosaur Texting
Image Source: Flickr (Rhys A.)

The numbers are pretty staggering. Over the course of a year, some 41,000 pedestrians visit the emergency room for one kind of injury or another. Out of those, up to 15 percent, or more than 6,100, are the result of someone using a mobile phone while walking.

Jehle has seen all kinds of injuries resulting from texting and walking. Pelvic fractures, head injuries as pedestrians are tossed up onto a car and into the windshield, falling down stairs, walking into walls... the list goes on. Play it safe folks -- if you need to fire off a text, stay in place.