Tesla Team Finishes World Record Model S Cross-Country Road Rally In 76.5 Hours

The two teams of Tesla drivers that set out to complete a cross-country road rally driving electric Model S sedans and using only Tesla’s Supercharger stations to recharge have completed the trek in an impressive 76 and a half hours.

It’s a Guinness World Record for the fastest cross-country journey via electric car, and they may have set another record for the lowest amount of charge time, too. The total energy consumed was 1,197.8 kWh, and each car drove 3,464.5 miles without using any gasoline or paying for the juice at the Supercharger stations.

Tesla Model S Supercharger rally
The Tesla drivers who were behind the wheel when the cars crossed the finish line

Along the way, they encountered a blizzard in Colorado with more than 12 inches of snow and whiteout conditions, low temps (close to zero degrees through South Dakota), and icy highways. There was also a sand storm at one point.

“Throughout the journey, Tesla’s rally team was privileged to meet fans from around the country at Superchargers in Worthington, MN, Macedonia, OH, and Newark, DE, among others,” wrote Tesla’s Hamish McKenzie. “These fans brought firm handshakes, warm smiles, hot coffee, and a fierce pride in their vehicles.” He also noted that the Tesla employees that participated in the drive were all “directly involved with the construction, operation, and deployment” of the Supercharger network, which is still expanding.

The Model S is out of the price range for many consumers, but Tesla may have a less expensive vehicle in the works that presumably will offer similar performance. And for as much of a publicity stunt as this cross-country journey was, it’s nevertheless quite a feat and portends a hopeful future for the electric car.