Watch Tesla’s Cybertruck Beat A Porsche 911 In A Drag Race...While Towing A Porsche

hero tesla cyber truck vs porsche
Tesla’s highly anticipated Cybertruck made its retail debut by blowing the doors off a Porsche 911, and doing it while towing a Porsche. Elon Musk shared the video of the race about an hour after the first customer received their very own Cybertruck.

Tesla’s Cybertruck has seen its share of highs and lows throughout the process of its production. But the company came through in the end and finally delivered a production lineup. Not only has Tesla delivered the first production models to its customers, but it appears it has made a beast of an automobile as well. Drag race aside, the Cybertruck is capable of completing the 1/4 mile in under 11 seconds, while reaching 60mph in just 2.6 seconds.

The video above shows the Cybertruck taking an early advantage over the Porsche right off the starting line. The uniquely shaped truck never relinquishes its lead over the Porsche and is able to beat the sports car by a little more than a Cybertruck body length. At the finish line, the Porsche in tow actually comes into view before the Porsche being raced.

Musk also shared a video of the Cybertruck beating an F-350 Diesel truck in a truck pull, as well as demonstrating that the doors of the truck are bulletproof to .45mm & 9mm ammunition. So, not only can an owner of an eclectic Cybertruck pull another vehicle in a get-away, it can take on fire from police while outrunning all the cop cars (not that we condone such things).

cybertruck customer delivery
One of the first customers to receive a Cybertruck.

The bullet proof door, along with the rest of the truck’s body, has no paint. It is comprised of an ultra-hard stainless-steel exoskeleton that helps reduce dents, damage, and long-term erosion. Tesla says repairs to the body are quick and simple. The windows are all shatter-resistant armor glass that can resist the impact of a baseball traveling at 70mph, or class 4 hail. All of this makes for one solid truck.

Not everyone is impressed, though. Marques Brownlee called out Tesla and its Cybertruck on X/Twitter for it being "notably the first time that Tesla is straight up not delivering om some of the key specs they promised."

Marques Brownlee post on X/Twitter about Tesla's Cybertruck.

For anyone who was unable to get in on the first delivery earlier today, they can still reserve their own Cybertruck on Tesla’s website. The base model is rear-wheel drive with a 250 mile estimated range and can achieve 0-60 in 6.5 seconds. Those wanting the quick get away speeds with a top speed of 130mph, however, will have to ante up an estimated $96,390. The base model will begin delivery in 2025, while the high-end model will begin shipping out next year. There is a mid-range model available for $68,890 that will also begin shipping out in 2024.