Tesla Books 146K Preorders For Controversial Cybertruck Potentially Worth $8 Billion

tesla cybertruck 1
Tesla CEO Elon Musk definitely turned heads when he unveiled the long-awaited Cybertruck on Thursday evening. And it wasn't the fact that people were turning their heads to do a longing double take in amazement -- many were turning their heads to look for a puke bag. The controversial, angular styling of the Cybertruck looking nothing like mid-size or full-size trucks currently on the market, and many were just left mouth agape wondering if this was some sort of setup for the "real" truck that would be unveiled at a later date.

Despite the talk of the Cybertruck's styling -- and the on-stage "fail" with the supposedly armored glass -- Musk is crowing about strong preorders for the monstrous vehicle. Musk took to Twitter to proclaim that so far, Tesla has accepted 146,000 preorders for the truck.

tesla cybertruck 2

According to Musk, the majority of preorders (42 percent) were for the dual-motor version, while a surprising 41 percent chose the flagship tri-motor model. Finally, the entry-level single-motor variant trails far behind with a 17 percent adoption rate. Using those figures along with the 146,000 preorders, we can deduce that Tesla is looking at roughly $8 billion dollars in [potential] sales just from these preorders; that is if everyone decides to keep their order in play. 

  • Cybertruck Single-Motor, $39,990 base price: $990,000,000 in orders
  • Cybertruck Dual-Motor, $49,990 base price: $3 billion in orders
  • Cybertruck Triple-Motor, $69,990 base price: $4.18 billion in orders

tesla cybertruck 5
We should note, however, that Tesla is currently only requesting a $100 refundable deposit for preorders, meaning that it is sitting on $14.6 million (basically a no-interest loan).

The Cybertruck features a driving range of 250 miles to over 500 miles depending on the configuration. The most expensive model, the $69,990 Triple-Motor configuration, can go 0-60 in less than 3 seconds and tow over 14,000 pounds. According to Elon Musk, production will begin in late 2021 if all goes according to plan.