Elon Musk To Reveal Blade Runner Inspired 'Cybertruck' Tesla Electric Pickup November 21st

tesla cybertruck 2
Elon Musk has been teasing the release of a Tesla pickup truck for over two years. According to a tweet by Musk this morning, the so-called "Cybertruck" will be first shown to the public on November 21st.

According to Musk, this will be a pickup like no one has ever seen before, and it will look like something straight out of the movie Blade Runner. In fact, the November 2019 unveil is even a thinly veiled reference to that cult classic Ridley Scott film starring Harrison Ford.

As is usually the case for a new Tesla introduction, some lofty claims are being made for the Cybertruck. Musk has asserted in the past that it will be more capable than the best-selling Ford F-150 half-ton pickup, while offering better performance than a Porsche 911. Those are two completely different product categories, but Tesla seems to have the idea that it can build a do-it-all machine that can even haul a horse is asked.

tesla cybertruck
Early concept drawing of the Tesla "Cybertruck"

While the flagship Model S is capable of traveling in excess of 300 miles per charge with its 100-kWh battery pack, the Cybertruck would allegedly offer between 400 to 500 miles of range for customers. Range anxiety is a pretty low concern for [newer] Model S variants, and a pickup that can travel 500 miles per charge would smash those concerns into little bits; especially when you factor in Tesla's expansive Supercharger network.

The Cybertruck, or whatever Tesla ends up calling it, will not be alone in the EV truck market, however. American automaker Rivian, which has the backing of retail giant Amazon, will soon be bringing its R1T pickup to market. That beast will be available with up to 750 horsepower from dual motors, while delivering a driving range of up to 400 miles with a 180k kWh battery pack. Rivian is also promising 0-60 times of three seconds flat in its top-spec configuration.

Likewise, Ford is also at work on an all-electric version of its next-generation F-150 pickup truck. While we cannot discount the electric prowess of Tesla with its stable of Model S, Model X, Model 3, and Model Y EVs, don't count out Ford when it comes to building a badass fully-electric truck.