Ten Great Firefox Extensions

Firefox is a great browser. One of its strengths is the ability to tinker with it to get it to do all sorts of additional neat things. Joe Kissell at Macworld has a terrific round-up of free add-ons for Firefox to help you raise your personal browser geek factor to stratospheric heights:

And thanks to a growing number of free Firefox extensions, it's an especially good tool for people who want every possible ounce of browser power - and who are willing to tinker with their Mac to get it. I've dug up 10 of the best extensions for Firefox. Some of these are designed to make surfing easier or safer, while others are specifically geared toward Web developers. All are free, and you can easily configure or remove them in Firefox by going to Tools: Extensions.

Firefox works just great on the dreaded PC too, so everybody can get marvelous goodies for their browser. The one that makes About.com pages appear without advertising kills me. Ooh Screengrab looks useful. Aardvark looks neat....

Sorry, I was  making my geek freeware Christmas list.

Read the whole thing here.