Temple Run Finally Sprints to Windows Phone Platform

If you're of the opinion that it's better to show up late than the never, then kudos to the Windows Phone platform for finally getting Temple Run, an endless running game that falls into the "Just one more time..." category. Before you know it, you've wasted half the day trying to unlock characters, special powers, and knock out various objectives.

Temple Run was supposed to launch in time for the holidays in 2012, so it's a few months late in that regard, too. Whatever, it's here now, or at least soon will be.

Temple Run

Microsoft actually announced half a dozen indie games for Windows Phone 8 today, including the aforementioned Temple Run title, 6th Planet ($0.99), Fling Theory (free), Orcs Must Survive ($0.99), Propel Man ($0.99), and Ruzzle. Only Temple Run and Ruzzle have yet to show up in the Windows Phone store.

It should also be noted that Temple Run 2 has come out and is available on Android and iOS, though it hasn't yet been announced for Windows Phone.