Tejas in Trouble? ATI gets Aggressive. AMD takes it to Intel.

Good morning all.  Well, the trek is finally over and I am now a resident of North Carolina.  It definitely isn't like New York.  Things are cheaper, slower and much warmer.  We are looking at a heatwave for our first week here, topping 90 !  This will take some getting used to, but I think it was a good move.  I got up a little early today and started poking around the web for the latest happenings.  We've got some good bits for you, some hot off the presses.  Get to it!

The Tech Report has a write up on VIA's K8T800 Pro chipset, Primed for Socket 939:

"For everyday operation at stock clock speeds, this new clocking scheme doesn't mean much. However, by making these clocks run asynchronously, VIA is delivering a big, juicy gift to overclockers everywhere, whose Athlon 64 overclocking ambitions have been frustrated by motherboards incapable of running at higher bus speeds. Now, newer versions (including Socket 939 editions) of excellent boards like the Abit KV8 MAX3 and MSI K8T Neo should offer much more flexibility for those of us looking to subject an Athlon 64 2800 to sweet, egregious abuse."

XBitlabs is reporting GDDR4 is on the horizon, with a potential release to market by year's end:

"The GDDR4 memory builds upon the GDDR3 standard, just like the latter evolved from the GDDR2 specification, therefore, it is possible to expect the technology to utilize the point-to-point nature. There are no revolutions, it is said now, but special tweaks to bolster clock-speeds of DRAMs used on graphics cards brought by GDDR4."

The Inquirer is reporting that there are rumors that Intel has abandoned "Tejas", the proposed successor to "Prescott":

"These sources tell the INQUIRER, and as yet this is unconfirmed, that the project has been shelved before tape out, and layout resources are no longer working on it."

We should keep an eye on this one...

Just caught this over at TechNewsWorld, it looks like AMD took the lead in processor sales over Intel in the last week of April.  Times are a changin':

"In the findings from La Jolla, California-based Current Analysis , AMD accounted for 52 percent of retail desktop sales compared with Intel's 47 percent for the week, in contrast to total PC market shares of 37 percent for AMD and 61 percent for Intel, but it is the first time in almost five years that AMD has surpassed its larger competitor, according to Current Analysis senior desktop analyst Toni Duboise."

Digitimes reports that ATI will promote 9100 PRO IGP chipset with aggressive pricing:

"ATI Technologies has adopted aggressive pricing to promote its new integrated graphics solution, the Radeon 9100 PRO IGP (RS350) chipset, according to sources at Taiwanese motherboard makers."

Hexus.net takes a look at the EPoX 8KDA3 nForce3 250Gb:

"The nForce3 250Gb is a step forward for Socket-754, albeit one that's taken 6 months. EPoX has done a decent job with the 8KDA3 . The lack of FireWire and working multiplier support is a worry, although the latter can be rectified via a new BIOS. Too many small niggles preclude it from attaining must-have status, but we reckon it's still above average"

OK, that's it for now.  I have a busy schedule today, but may drop in later with more reading for you. - Jeff

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