Teenage Engineering's TX-6 Is An Amazing Tiny Mixer With Big Audio Chops And A Big Price Tag

teenage engineering tx 6 hero
Hey musicians and DJs, do you ever feel like your mixer is just a bit too bulky? Do you ever feel like you need to lay down that mix as soon as inspiration strikes, but you're not in the studio? Well, Teenage Engineering has an admittedly pricey but beautiful, petite and elegant solution for you.

The new rechargeable battery-powered TX-6 from Teenage Engineering appears to be as elegant as it is functional. The device is a 6-channel stereo mixer with 12-channel mono option in a beautiful CNC-machined aluminum chassis that provides a bevy of features. Those features include an equalizer, filters, compressor, aux send, cue, and additional digital effects. Not only does it come with these features, the entire face of the device and all the knobs and sliders, can be customized to utilize almost any of those features. It can do all this with an eight-hour battery life as well.
teenager engineering tx 6 faces white
Inputs and Outputs of Teenage Engineering TX-6

The TX6's audio interface options are surprisingly thorough. The device supports a USB-C input, allowing you to plug in any device that supports a USB output, such as certain types of instruments and mics, considering it also comes with an on-board tuner this could prove quite useful. The TX-6 also comes with nine 3.5 mm audio jacks, six of which are inputs. One jack is a main line out for your entire mix, then an auxiliary out, and cue out. So you have even more control of your mix output and input.

How do you know what you're doing on your TX-6 when you use it? Simple, other than where your knobs and sliders are positioned, it has a nifty little monochrome OLED display at the top right that has a whopping 91 different visual outputs. Those visual outputs include items as simple as what audio output you're running your audio signal or system settings through. The display also supports more complex options, like waveform displays, EQ displays, and representation of the four drum machine sound system it supports. Teenage Engineering has also provided a nifty guide on how exactly you can use the mixer.
teenage engineering tx 6 oled displays
Some of the OLED display visuals

There are, of course, other small form-factor mixers on the market, but none quite to this scale, especially with this much style. You'd be hard pressed to find anything with a similar feature-set in this petite form factor as well. Though, as we alluded to earlier, the Teenage Engineering TX6 will definitely burn a hole in your wallet at its $1,200 price tag. That seems to be the price you pay for style and functionality, though.