TEAMGROUP And ASUS TUF Gaming Alliance Launch A New Line Of SSDs For Gamers

tuf ssd group

ASUS TUF Gaming Alliance has teamed up with TEAMGROUP to design some new storage products that are available for gamers. The new storage products include the T-FORCE CARDEA II TUF Gaming Alliance M.2 SSD and the T-FORCE Delta TUF Gaming Alliance RGB Gaming SSD. Both of the storage devices have been certified and tested by the TUF Gaming Alliance.

Both SSDs have an exterior design that looks very cool and interesting complete with a TUF Gaming camo logo. The T-Force Delta SSD has complete RGB lighting on the outside that can be synchronized with the ASUS AURA SYNC motherboard lighting control software. The drive is also etched with military-style camouflage to take a boring storage product and make it an interesting part of your gaming rig when you're using a windowed case.

tuf ssd rgb

Style aside, both of the SSDs are high-performing devices. The SSD uses 3D NAND flash memory chips, and promises read speed of up to 560 MB/s. It's thin at 9.5 mm thick, allowing it to fit inside most computer cases without issue. The interface used is a SATA II 6Gbps port, and it comes in a maximum capacity of 1 TB. The SSD is priced at $80 for a 500 GB unit and $120 for a 1 TB unit.

The T-FORCE CARDEA II TUF Gaming Alliance M.2 SSD is the first M.2 SSD to be certified by the ASUS TUF Gaming Alliance and uses a patented gaming cooling fan heatsink. It promises sequential read/write speed of up to 3400/3000 MB/s along with random read/write speed of up to 180K/160K IOPS with capacities of up to 1 TB. It's fitted with an integrated smart algorithm with management mechanisms like garbage collection function, wear-leveling technology, error correction code function, and more. Pricing is $85 for 512 GB or $145 for 1TB.

In other ASUS news, it debuted the ZenWiFi AX Mini Mesh WiFi router this month that supports WiFi 6.