Team Exhibitor Showcase At Nor'Easter LAN!

Good afternoon all and Happy Sunday... Davo just dropin' in here to tell you about an massive upcoming LAN Event that will be attending and sponsoring in the month of April.  

The Nor'Easter LAN is a 500 seat capacity LAN Event coming to Massachusetts on April 16th and 17th.

BigWop and I will both be there.  We'll be hosting a large HotHardware Booth showcase with some serious hardware on display, including a fully decked out Pentium 4 PCIe Graphics based Gaming Rig that we will be giving away to one very lucky gamer at the end of the event.  

There will be lots of other give-aways and contests for hardware as well.  Intel has stepped up with a couple of "LAN Parties In A Box", ATi Graphics Cards will be pushing some polygons, Abit is reportedly punching out some motherboards and Corsair with RAM to help power all the mayhem as well.  Come get in on the action - show your HH colors and you just might win!


April 16th and 17th At The Shriner's Auditorium - Wilmington, Massachusetts

The LAN Party Taking New England By Storm - Nor'Easter 2005