Talking About Terabytes With Hitachi

50 years after the release of IBM's RAMAC(Random Access Method of Accounting and Control) drive, Hitachi is announcing their plans to release a Terabyte drive later this year. Some can argue that it's not a full Terabyte as in 1,024GB, but with 1,000GB it's closer than anything we have out now. If Seagate's 750GB drive just wasn't big enough for you, than it's time to step up to Hitachi.

"It's not that big of a stretch for some hard drive makers. Hitachi already sells a 500GB drive, while rival Seagate Technology started shipping a 750GB drive to desktop makers in April. Seagate also sells a home storage device with two 500GB drives to make up 1 terabyte. Drive density effectively doubles every two years and increases steadily over the two-year period; hence, a terabyte drive is on the horizon, Healy said."
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