T-Mobile’s Latest Uncarrier Promo Gifts Free Company Shares, Domino's Pizza, Wendy’s Frostys

By now, we’re all familiar with T-Mobile’s Uncarrier initiatives. The company has shaken up the wireless industry with promotions like 200MB of free tablet data/month for life, Data Stash and Binge On, which have garnered the attention of not only customers, but also government regulators. Uncarrier 11.0 isn’t so much about added perks for your wireless line, but unrelated freebies that T-Mobile is doling out to its loyal customers.

With Stock Up, T-Mobile is giving its customers a piece of the company, literally. New and existing T-Mobile customers will be given a single share of TMUS common stock (which right now is valued at around $43/share). Customers will be able to earn up to 100 shares per year by recommending others to join T-Mobile and stick with the company. Those that have been with the “Uncarrier” for five or more years will receive two shares for each recommendation.

The third-place wireless carrier has also announced T-Mobile Tuesdays, during which it will give away freebies and “epic” prizes to its customers. By using the T-Mobile Tuesdays app, you’ll be eligible to receive freebies like Domino’s Pizza, Vudu rentals, Wendy’s Frostys and other promotions from companies like Lyft, Gilt, and Fandango.


T-Mobile is also upping the ante by expanding its Gogo partnership. Customers are already able to take advantage of free texting during domestic flights with Gogo, but that support has now been expanded to include Google Hangouts, iMessage, WhatsApp and Viber. In addition, every T-Mobile customer will receive a free hour of Gogo Wi-Fi on every domestic flight.

“Get ready for a gratitude adjustment, America! This Un-carrier move is all about giving you a good thanking! No strings. No gotchas. Just ‘thank you for being a customer!’” said T-Mobile CEO John Legere. “For me, there’s no higher praise than hearing a customer say they recommend T-Mobile to family and friends, so we wanted to get this right. And, what better way to thank you than sharing in the future of our company?! Now, T-Mobile customers own the place!”

As with other Uncarrier promotions, it’s unlikely that T-Mobile’s competitors will have anything to offer in response. And even when competitors do respond, like with AT&T’s Rollover Data, the results are usually not nearly as impressive.