T-Mobile Offers Free Mini LTE Cell Tower For Your Home To Combat Signal Gaps

T-Mobile CEO John Legere loves to entice customers with attractive pricing, launch new initiatives which sparks the wireless industry to move in a positive direction for customers and troll his competitors, often with reckless abandon. But for all his bravado, it takes a lot of capital to fix one of T-Mobile’s biggest problems — inadequate nationwide service coverage compared to larger rivals (namely, Verizon Wireless and AT&T).

T-Mobile is fighting that problem head on with the release of its new 4G LTE CellSpot. The CellSpot is your own miniature low-power LTE tower — it measures just 8.5” wide by 8.5” tall and is one 1.3” thick — that can provide coverage for up to a 3,000 square foot home or small business. The CellSpot, which is essentially a small 4G femtocell, simply needs to be plugged into a wall outlet for power and have access to a functioning Internet connection.

T-Mobile 4G LTE CellSpot

From that moment forward, you can “enjoy more bars in more places,” to steal an AT&T tagline from many moons ago.

“Where the T-Mobile Wi-Fi CellSpot’s like a T-Mobile tower, this new 4G LTE CellSpot is a T-Mobile mini-tower—and it’s a huge feat of engineering,” said Legere. “The big difference between us and the carriers is that they’ll do absolutely everything they can to bleed you dry. We’ll do absolutely everything we can and use every proven technology available to give you the best coverage possible.”

The T-Mobile 4G LTE CellSpot is available for free for “eligible” Simple Choice customers; you just have to pay a refundable $25 deposit. The devices also joins other T-Mobile coverage “Band-Aids” which include the 4G LTE CellSpot Signal Booster and the Wi-Fi CellSpot Router.