With No One Left To Troll, T-Mobile Turns Earnings Call Drinking Game On Itself

Have you ever wondered what it would to operate without a filter and just say whatever the heck it is that's on your mind? Most of us aren't afforded that luxury—bosses don't take kindly to being told their haircut looks it was done by a blind beaver—but we can live vicariously through T-Mobile CEO John Legere. If there was any lingering doubt that he's allowed to do and say pretty much whatever he wants, when it wants, it was removed when he turned his competitors' earning calls into drinking games.

It started with Verizon. Just ahead of Big Red's earnings call last month, Legere brought attention to it by announcing a drinking game, one that encouraged listeners to take a swig of their beverage of choice whenever Verizon did something like say the word "millennials" or referenced year-old network tests.

John Legere

"We’re still forced to listen in to the Duopolist’s boring calls so we needed to find a way to keep it interesting," Legere said at the time. "Since sharing is caring, welcome to the Verizon Earnings Call Drinking Game."

If you participated, you might not have had much time to recover, depending on what you drank—Legere did the same thing with AT&T just a few days later, but with a different set of criteria. Mentioning "profitable growth" or "Internet of Things" was worth a single swig, while hiding phone losses or making a Donald Trump joke would require two swallows.

T-Mobile Drinking Game
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T-Mobile will hold its own earnings call tomorrow, and sure enough, Legere is turning it into a drinking game as well. What's different, of course, is that he's not making fun of his company, at least not in the same snarky manner.

"Our earnings live stream is nowhere near as boring as the duopoly but we had so much fun with their calls we wanted to keep the good times rolling. You know the drill... grab your beverage of choice and listen or watch along on YouTube," the rules state.

Naturally, Legere isn't looking to punk his own company. Instead, participants are instructed to do things like take a drink every time Legere utters a four-letter expletive. And because he can't help but to take shots at rivals, Legere's rules also call for participants to finish their drinks in the unlikely scenario that someone mentions Sprint as a viable competitor.

The livestream will kick off tomorrow on YouTube at 8:30 AM EST.