Mega-Troll T-Mobile CEO Legere Breaks Bad With Verizon Earnings Call Drinking Game

john legere christmas
There are tech CEOs, and then there's T-Mobile CEO John Legere. Whereas most wireless CEOs (and tech CEOs in general) are very professional and try to stick to the corporate line when giving interviews or interacting with the public, Legere breaks the mold with his brash commentary and propensity to pepper the airwaves with f-bombs.

Legere also has a knack for constantly trolling competing wireless companies, and even calling out their respective CEOs on a regular basis. Some of his recent antics involved mocking the competition with the profanity-laced “The Scarriers” video series and asking the Electronic Frontier Foundation, “Who the f**k are you?” Legere later apologized for the latter rant.

Today, Legere is back at it again, picking on what is probably his favorite target: Verizon. Verizon has an earnings call set for Thursday morning at 8:30am, and somewhat surprisingly, Legere is gladly promoting it. Say what? Promoting a competitor’s earnings call on your own website — what planet are we on? Well, there’s an ulterior motive behind this, of course, as Legere want everyone to poke fun at what transpires during the call.

“We’re still forced to listen in to the Duopolist’s boring calls so we needed to find a way to keep it interesting,” says Legere. “Since sharing is caring, welcome to the Verizon Earnings Call Drinking Game.”

That’s right, Legere wants you to queue up plenty of your favorite beverage (it doesn’t have be alcoholic -- after all, the conference call is early in the morning) and take a drink every time key words/phrases are used. For example, you’ll need to take a drink every time the word “millennials” is uttered and take two drinks if Verizon talks about “monetizing” its customers. Checkout the entire infographic below:

verizon drinking game

Has Legere gone too far this time or is he simply just getting warmed up? At this point, we can’t say that we’re totally shocked at anything that comes out of T-Mobile these days.