T-Mobile Phone BoothE Is A Glorious Legere April Fools' Trolling Of AT&T's Weak 5G E

T-Mobile has announced something, and it's anyone's guess if it's an elaborate April Fool's prank kicking off a bit early or if it's just a hardcore troll of AT&T's 5G E service. At any rate, it's natural to be dubious of this but the T-Mobile Phone BoothE is also sort of plausible so here is what T-Mobile has to say about it.


The T-Mobile Phone BoothE is "the next evolution in telecom" and will launch in New York City, Washington D.C., and in Seattle with more locations to come. The BoothE is a "vertical vestibule" that anyone around long enough to remember the days of public phone booths will recognize. Here's hoping that the BoothE aren't frequented by the sort of folks who can't be bothered to use a public restroom, a group the old-school phone booths were prone to attract.

T-Mobile says that these vestibules are perfect for those wanting to have a private conversation without others eavesdropping or getting somewhere quieter in a noisy public location. Phone BoothE is soundproof and can be used to make calls and browse the web in peace. BoothE has charging cords for smartphones inside to let users power up without needing to carry a cord and houses a large vertical screen that connects to any T-Mobile smartphone.

That large vertical screen promises to mirror what's on your phone screen so you can get closer to your content. A social mode in the BoothE lets users snap a selfie displaying any background of their choice on the screen. T-Mobile notes that the BoothE is for its customers only and will use a BoothE phone app from the App Store or Google Play to give users access. The app can also reserve the BoothE for you when available. No app is required right now for demo booths in locations around NYC, in Washington D.C. outside the Treasury building, and at T-Mobile Park in Seattle during opening weekend.