System Shock Remaster Hits Kickstarter And Brings Along Free Playable Demo

If you were a System Shock fan in 1994, you are in for a treat. Night Dive Studios has just started a campaign on Kickstarter where supporters can back a new and improved reboot of System Shock. There is a even a free demo to quench the thirst of early backers.

System Shock will be a complete remake of the classic using the Unity Engine. System Shock was one of the first 3D games that incorporated both storytelling and exploration through audio logs and messages scattered throughout the game world. Players were trapped aboard Citadel Station as they fought to survive against the cyborgs and mutated crew members corrupted by a maniacal A.I. known as SHODAN. The various interactables offered snippets of the storyline and kept players intrigued throughout the progression of the game.

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Night Dive Studios, LLC is a videogame company based in Portland, Oregon that specializes in updating and rereleasing classic games. The first game it released was System Shock 2 in 2013. It has released everything from classic shooter games to point-and-click children’s games. The company is currently working with an all-star team, including Robb Waters, the original concept artist from System Shock, the BioShock series, Thief, and Freedom Force, to bring the game to life.

At this moment in time, the project as roughly 6,500 backers and 29 days to go. Supporters have pledged $418,000 of the the requested $900,000 USD. There are different rewards for people who pledge a certain amount of money. If the KickStarter reaches $1.7 million, the game will include enemy limb dismemberment, more puzzles, ammo types/weapon settings, vending machines, Basic components/research, RPG progression, weapon upgrading, Hardcore mode (No respawning), and Ironman mode (Only one save-game. If players die, the save is deleted). 

concept art

Supporters who pledge at least $5 will receive KickStarter email updates and a concept wall art pack, while supporters who pledge $10,000 will be invited to a party hosted by Night Dive Studios and will receive a signed collector’s edition of the game, an in-game portrait of themselves in the Tri-Optimum Corporation, a SHODAN Hacker Forum badge, a SHODAN credit in game, thirty digital collector’s editions, a custom System Shock gaming laptop, exclusive access to developer forums and closed beta, and digital copies of System Shock Enhanced and System Shock 2.

The game will be available December 2017 on Windows, Linux, OS X, and Xbox One. To support the KickStarter or download the demo, please click here.