Nintendo Switch Version 8.0 Update Brings Oft-Requested Save Data Transfers

Nintendo continues to do very well with the Switch console. The console received a Switch Online update in April that added some cool new games to the mix, including Punch-Out and Super Mario Lost Levels. Rumors have also hinted that Nintendo might be getting a 3DS-style redesign with a rugged exterior. Nintendo has now announced that the latest firmware update is out for the Switch and it brings the system software to version 8.0.0.

nintendo switch

Along with the move to a new whole number increment also comes some new features that Switch fans have wanted for a while now. Perhaps the most noticeable change with the update is enhanced sorting features of the "all software" list. Those games can now be sorted by title, publisher, total play time, and time last played. If you don't see that sort option, you need more than 13 titles before it appears.

A new "view all" sorting option for news channels is added. Another feature that Switch owners have wanted for a long time is a save data transfer function. That means if you have to get a new console for whatever reason, you can use this feature to transfer data from console to console. Accessing the feature is via system settings - data management - and transfer.

These aren't the only changes that the software update brings. There are 15 new profile icons, a system settings zoom feature, and new VR parental restriction controls. That latter setting is for parents to block VR access for kids who are under 7-years-old, which is the age Nintendo says kids are safe to play VR games. The changelog outlining all the changes in the software update can be found here.