Nintendo Switch Online April Update Brings Punch-Out And Super Mario Lost Levels

Nintendo Switch fans were excited last September when the Switch Online service launched. One of the most exciting features about the Switch Online service was that it brought classic games from the NES glory days that could be played via the service. Switch gamers who are also Amazon Prime subscribers can get a free year of Switch Online right now.


Nintendo has unveiled the new Switch Online NES Collection title updates that are landing for April. Coming on April 10, Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels, Punch-Out!! featuring Mr. Dream, and Star Soldier are joining the other games already on the service. Nintendo says there are "dozens" of other NES games to play.

Punch-Out!! lets players fight through 13 bouts on the minor, major, and world circuits. All the fighters you remember from back in the day are in the game including Piston Honda, Glass Joe, Super Macho Man, and others.

Star Soldier puts players inside a space fighter where they battle through 16 stages to reach a giant computer inside the space station that is bent on invading the galaxy. Players can capture power-ups as they play along for speed, shields, and weapons. Make it through all the stages and fight Starbrain for the win.

Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels sees Mario and Luigi gaining different skills like stopping quicker for Mario and jumping higher for Luigi. The enemies remembered from the original game are in this version along with poison mushrooms and wind gusts that can help or hurt. The game also has secret worlds for expert players to search out.